Spectrum Monitor - Overview

What is Spectum Monitor?

Spectrum Monitor is a Freeware, easy-to-use, simple but powerful activity monitor that can help you to keep track of how your company's, school's or home's computers are being used. Spectrum monitor captures screen and stores image files.

For each image the date and time captured are stored, so you can see who is doing what, when and for how long. Multiple screenshots can be quite useful in tracking activities of interest, such as long social network usage, chat conversations, games played etc.

Spectrum monitor stores images on your PC and does not send your data to the cloud. It does not have the ability to capture passwords or keystrokes.

Stay on the right side of the law, have your employees/users sign an IT Policy.



Download Freeware Single User Version


See below for a real life case of a resigning employee inserting a Transcend USB stick and copying documents from the company's central server location.


Some other real life screenshots

Real examples of screenshots captured.