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MailCheap Pro is an outlook add-in specifically designed for sending email campaigns. Our tool makes it easy to launch marketing campaigns that can help you reach your goals by: penetrating the target group you have selected, building your brand name and increasing your audience.

You can use one of our templates or create your own with SeaMonkey ®.

Read more here: MailCheap Pro

Keep track of time spent on projects within your organization. Record your time quickly, easily and accurately. TimeLogger is a tool with the following characteristics: simple, quick, safe and easily accessible from everywhere and on all devices.

TimeLogger records time just by sending a simple email. It can be accessed from all devices, laptops, desktops, on all mobile phones, via browser and on all operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

The application connects to your mail server and receives emails from a designated list of email addresses that you will provide, making it very secure to use.

It resides safely behind your firewall. No Internet exposure whatsoever.

It is filtered for SQL Injections and the database running it has minimum access rights, just enough to record the information.

Read more here: TimeLogger

MsAccess Application Setup Update Tool is a fast and silent way to install MsAccess application updates to multiple users within an organization.

You can update the client front end, while you also have the option to add a new column or increase the size of a field on a back end database. You are also able to work on a Remote Desktop/Citrix/Terminal Server environment. Install ocx or dll files locally on the user’s computer, copy icon files and download remote assistance software etc… It will bypass all MS Office security warnings.

It’s not just an updater tool, it’s also a tool that can quickly distribute an MsAccess application by simply placing a small starter application on the user’s desktop.

Synergy MsAccess Auto Translate is an automatic MS Access application translation system. It translates Labels, Captions, Control and Strings found in the source code.

The software scans each application form by creating an .xlf file that is then fed into the Microsoft Translator services where the data is translated.

The translated files are then placed in to the same folder as the application. Now you can select the language that you want, when the forms are loaded you will see them translated.

Chinese language translation

Portuguese language translation

Russian language translation

Italian language translation

German language translation

English language translation

We received a phishing email the other day and decided to open it in order to analyze it.

Here is the actual email:

The link points to a Google Drive location:

It may seem like an ordinary PDF file, but in fact it’s a VBS file (a visual basic script that when opened executes commands on your computer)

Here is the link opened in a browser:

Windows 10 is smart enough to warn you that the file is a virus!

However you can bypass the alert and save it:

There is a second warning but you can still download it. Some people in a hurry will just click on all warnings and will eventually open it.

On a windows 7 computer when using Internet Explorer things are much “simpler” for the bad guys:

You don’t get a warning that the file is a virus, you just get warned that the publisher is not verified. It sounds less harmful than a virus.

We opened the vbs file:

Here you can see the code that will be executed once the pdf is opened. Most of the code is “obfuscated”, in other words it’s written in a complicated way to make the contents impossible to understand. Once active, it will try to infect your computer and ask for ransom etc.

It’s clear that we need to have the latest updated versions of operating systems and browsers on our computers.

We also believe that shared locations such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc. have to be blocked. Anyone can open an account and upload malware. At the moment hosting companies allow all type of files to be stored.

The most important thing is to be proactive by keeping your people both up to date and educated on threats and security.

A new Ransomware virus has been discovered.

In order to protect yourself from this ransomware, or from any variant, it is important that you use good computing habits and security software. First and foremost, you should always have a reliable and tested backup of your data that can be restored in the case of an emergency, such as a ransomware attack.

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