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International Insurance Brokers is a typical Marine Insurance Broker company. Numerous documents were created every day.

However it was almost impossible to locate a previously saved document. Each user was following his own template/saving policy and there were cases where users were even saving documents on their computer’s desktop. Different templates were also used by users, giving a non consistent “picture” of our client. It was of course extremley difficult searching for documents by client, vessel name, bank etc…

See our new usefull application called Marine Insurance, a document management system for fast and safe archiving files:                                          http://bit.ly/synergyusallcmarineinsurance





Spectrum Monitor is another FREEWARE application from Synergy, easy-to-use, simple but powerful activity monitor that can help you to keep track of how your company’s, school’s or home’s computers are being used. Spectrum Monitor captures screen and stores image files. See how it works and download here:





New Windows application Synergy Backup For Exchange that gather all necessary information needed to backup all mailboxes on a daily/monthly/yearly basis. We also used the Windows Task Scheduler to execute the scripts on a time set by the user. The result was exactly what we needed. Every night scripts were running automatically, creating a separate .PST file per each user’s mailbox. Each month the .PST files were being copied to an offsite location, making duplicates of our client’s data.

See more here: http://bit.ly/synergyusallcbackupforexhange



Established In 1951, IOM Is The Leading Inter-Governmental Organisation In The Field Of Migration And Works Closely With Governmental, Intergovernmental And Non-Governmental Partners. Since 2015 IOM Has Been Relocating Refugees To European Countries.

What was the problem:

Multiple users were accessing a single Excel file that contained refugee relocation information. Very often the file was crashing. It was very difficult to create a workflow that was just based on a single Excel sheet. Excel did not offer any protection in case of a user deleting a whole row by mistake also it was difficult to extract statistics.

The solution:

A new database system was specifically created for our client to assist them with the refugees relocation needs. Users used both Excel and the database at the same time. We created an automated import process that enabled them to import information from the Excel file into the database on their own. Normalisation of the database was performed by an algorithm automatically.

See more here: http://bit.ly/synergyusallcrefugeesrecol



We are working on a new RansomSaver feature. It will protect you from similar Scams.
As you can see on the photo below, they try to steal your email password, monitor your emails and try to steal personal information and/or blackmail you…



We use Twitter to post our blog posts and various news from around the world.
One tweet is never enough. Especially when you have so many different time zones on this planet.
So we built an application to do the job for us. We are using it ourselves and we believe you will love it too!

See our application here: http://bit.ly/2qqlGcz


.xz files can be opened by WinZip. It’s not a very popular format.

It’s the latest trick of cyber criminals to make you open it and infect your computer.


Please inform your users, colleagues, friends.