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We are working on a new RansomSaver feature. It will protect you from similar Scams.
As you can see on the photo below, they try to steal your email password, monitor your emails and try to steal personal information and/or blackmail you…


We use Twitter to post our blog posts and various news from around the world.
One tweet is never enough. Especially when you have so many different time zones on this planet.
So we built an application to do the job for us. We are using it ourselves and we believe you will love it too!

See our application here: http://bit.ly/2qqlGcz

.xz files can be opened by WinZip. It’s not a very popular format.

It’s the latest trick of cyber criminals to make you open it and infect your computer.


Please inform your users, colleagues, friends.



Email with a fake PDF booking attachment.


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pdf book


Opening the attachment points to a web site…


security warning


Which will download a file with a malware !


unlocking pdf




(‘Companies House’ is the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies)


Dear user,

Thanks for submitting the message to us for inspection:


fake companies house email - RansomSaver Synergy USA LLC


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It is Ransomware indeed. We tested it with the current RansomSaver version and it was marked as Ransomware..
The Companies House logo is quite catchy. I believe some people will definitely enable the content and get infected.


Companies House - RansomSaver Synergy USA LLC


There is code waiting to run and infect your computer…


The criminals registered a fake domain. It looks very real but it is not !

RansomSaver - Fake domain ransomware domain registration



Don’t forget to have your macro settings Disabled. (Do it for all of your computers)

See below for a short ‘How To’: