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(‘Companies House’ is the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies)


Dear user,

Thanks for submitting the message to us for inspection:


fake companies house email - RansomSaver Synergy USA LLC


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It is Ransomware indeed. We tested it with the current RansomSaver version and it was marked as Ransomware..
The Companies House logo is quite catchy. I believe some people will definitely enable the content and get infected.


Companies House - RansomSaver Synergy USA LLC


There is code waiting to run and infect your computer…


The criminals registered a fake domain. It looks very real but it is not !

RansomSaver - Fake domain ransomware domain registration



Don’t forget to have your macro settings Disabled. (Do it for all of your computers)

See below for a short ‘How To’:








New Ransomware version storming the planet. It comes as a normal Word document:



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When you try to open the document you will be asked to update the Word Fields. Even if you have your Macro settings disabled, you will still get this message:



Do not click the Yes button because there is code hidden to encrypt your files:



New RansomSaver version available ! Includes all latest RansomWare variations.
Also includes a fix for handling .rar and .7z attachments.

When you get this pop up window in your Outlook, please click the “Yes” button to start the update.



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Click the “OK button to download files from our web site.
If your Outllook does not automatically exit, please close it yourself.


Start the setup process to update RansomSaver.





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