Certificate – Pending (Outstanding) Jobs

Certificate – Pending (Outstanding) Jobs





Major features:

  • Surveys-Certificates. Keep track of vessels surveys.  Display of warnings of surveys that are due and need your attention. Check which surveys have been completed etc.
  • Pending Jobs. A system to keep track of vessels’ pending jobs.
  • Consumptions. Keep electronic records of noon report data.
  • Publications.    A system to keep track if the vessel has the necessary publications on board and when they expire
  • Inspections. A system to keep track of inspections such as Flag Inspection, Internal Audit, P & I etc.
  • Reports like :
  • Voyage Report, A detailed Report showing voyage consumption for fuels, lubricants  etc.
  • Survey Library. A list displaying Survey Categories and interval periods.
  • Survey Status. Pending Surveys by Vessel
  • Plan Ahead Reports. Those reports combine all pending information on a single page. Surveys, Pending Jobs, and Inspections can be presented sorted by their expire date
  • Surveys Completed. A report displaying completed surveys by vessel.
  • Pending Jobs. Display of Vessels’ Pending Jobs.
  • Publications on Board. Presentations of all publications that are on board a vessel.
  • Publications expired by Year. A report that the user specifies the Year, and the computer returns all publications that are about to expire according to that date.
  • Voyage Daily Analysis. A detailed report with all consumption date collected from the daily noon report. Statistic information is also presented at the end of this report
  • Main Engine Daily Analysis. A detailed report with information such Cylinder Temperatures of a specific vessel.
  • Warnings when inspections are due.
  • Option to plot vessels current position and voyage history on an interactive map



Remarks for Technical – Operation Software

  • A Windows .net Service can be installed on the server to monitor certificates/outstanding matters and report them via email to the office.


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