Marine Insurance


What was the problem:


International Insurance Brokers is a typical Marine Insurance Broker company.  Numerous documents were created every day.

However it was almost impossible to locate a previously saved document. Each user was following his own template/saving policy and there were cases where users were even saving documents on their computer's desktop. Different templates were also used by users, giving a non consistent "picture" of our client.  It was of course extremley difficult searching for documents by client, vessel name, bank etc


The solution:


We imported existing templates into a central repository and they were linked with the new database application. We also created a new schema that represented their clients, vessels, banks, counter parties and most of all their work flow of documents creation.  Each template had special fields that were linked with the database system. For example a vessel name or an insurance type could now be automatically inserted when creating a new document.

After the implementation of this custom document management system, it was easy for our client to follow up on each case.  Every user is now following the same policy when saving or selecting a template. Our client is saving time and resources while showing a more coherent output for insurance documents.

See below for actual screenshots of forms and documents.



This application can be customized to meet your organization needs, contact us for more information.