MsAccess Application Setup Update Tool

The problem:

  • A fast and silent way to install an MsAccess front-end application to multiple users within an organization.
  • To be able to update the client front end while also having the option to be able to add a new column or increase the size of a field on a back end database.
  • Everything had to be secure and transmitted over HTTPS protocol.
  • To install it on a user that does not have any local administrative access.
  • Being able to work on a Remote Desktop/Citrix/Terminal Server environment.
  • Install ocx or dll files locally on the user’s computer, copy icon files and download remote assistance software etc…
  • Bypass all MsOffice security warnings.
  • Have MsAccess or SQL Server as a Back End Database.
  • Create encrypted SHA256 serial numbers for clients/users.

We wanted to do all of the above at the same time on multiple sites for our clients, with each company having several workstations.

The Solution:

We created an app called MsAccess Application Setup/Updater Tool (MA.S.U.T.)

To install the application all you have to do is paste the Masut Starter on to the user’s Desktop.

Everything will run from a “scenario” you have created on the update server.

What to do when you have a client update:

  • Remove any local tables from the project.
  • Prepare your MDE or ACCDE project.
  • Compress it to a .RAR to optimum size.
  • Upload it to the updates server.
  • Change the version date.
  • Write what has changed in your application in the updates log file.

The next time your user opens the application everything will be downloaded, unrared and your Front End will be linked with the Back End database.

After completion the updates log file will be opened, informing your use with latest updates.

It’s not just an updater tool, it’s also a tool that can quickly distribute an MsAccess application by simply placing a small starter application on the user’s desktop.

Don’t have the resources to run a live Update Server?

  • We can host your Front End application updater on our own Update servers which are in multiple locations both in the US and in Europe.
  • All servers are synchronized, you can choose which is closer to your location and also, if one server is down the starter application will point to the next one.
  • We can create the serial numbers for your clients in advance.
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