IMSSA FOOD GmbH Selects Synergy Vault to Manage Documents
IMSSA FOOD GmbH IMSSA food GmbH uses our Synergy Vault application to manage office related documents IMSSA Food GmbH IMSSA
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More About RansomSaver Feature for Outlook Blocks Ransomware Attachment Files
Microsoft Outlook is not only offering email service, but it is also providing some other multi-tasking applications such as- Calendar,
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Hackers can figure out passwords just from the sound of typing
Hackers can figure out a person’s password by simply listening to them type on a keyboard, according to a new
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Patch new wormable vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Services (CVE-2019-1181/1182)
Today Microsoft released a set of fixes for Remote Desktop Services that include two critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerabilities,
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60% Rise in Consumers Hit by Password Stealers in 2019
Kaspersky has uncovered a significant rise in the use of malware designed to harvest consumers’ digital data, known as password
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NSA to Launch Cybersecurity Directorate
The National Security Agency (NSA) will establish a Cybersecurity Directorate that redefines its cybersecurity mission, according to the NSA website.NSA’s Cybersecurity
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Microsoft Issues Warning For 50M Windows 10 Users
Windows 10 continues to be a danger zone. Not only have problems been piling up in recent weeks, Microsoft has also been worryingly deceptiveabout
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Hacked Ad Server Pushes SEON Ransomware, Trojans Via Malvertising
The ad server for a very popular video converter site was hacked to display malvertising that loads the GreenFlash Sundown
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Microsoft Management Console Bugs Allow Windows Takeover
Multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) bugs and an XML external entity (XXE) problem opens the door to takeover of admin desktops.
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When Atlanta was hit by a devastating ransomware attack in March 2018, it knocked almost all of the city’s agencies
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Hacker Discloses Second Zero Day to Bypass Patch for Windows EoP Flaw
An anonymous security researcher going by the name of SandboxEscaper today publicly shared a second zero-day exploit that can be
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Upatched Bug Let Attackers Bypass Windows Lock Screen On RDP Sessions
A security researcher today revealed details of a newly unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Tracked as
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Researcher Exploits Microsoft’s Notepad to ‘Pop a Shell’
Google Project Zero researcher unearths a bug in Microsoft’s Notepad Windows application. A memory corruption bug in the Microsoft’s Windows
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Baltimore Hacks – Reminder To Governments To Stop Wasting Money And To Start Using Blockchain
With advanced tech, smartphones in the hands of every individual, and the occasional self-driving car on the street, one might
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The city of Baltimore is being held hostage by ransomware
The US city of Baltimore has been partially paralyzed since 7 May, when a ransomware attack seized parts of the
Read more. Service Shut Down For Laundering $200 Million+
After a yearlong investigation, the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) shut down today, one of the largest
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