Quick Start



How to test RansomSaver:

Open your Outlook, click on the RansomSaver Tab (1) and then click Options (2).
Click the "Click to test RansomSaver" button (3) and follow instructions on your screen.


When you click on the email created in your default 'Drafts' folder, you will see the following message:

This is the pop up window that will inform you if your selected email has a potential ransomware malware.
(In this case the test email is harmless and it cannot harm your computer. We created this procedure so you can get familiar with RansomSaver.)


Where to find emails moved by RansomSaver: 

Check the 'RansomSaver' folder under your 'Deleted Items'

This is where suspicious emails are moved to from your inbox.


RansomSaver Tab buttons explanation:

ransom saver quick start 2


Sample Log file: 

Log files are stored in the following location:

C:\Users\[Your user name here]\AppData\Local\Synergy USA llc\RansomSaver4\Logs


Synergy USA llc does not hold any liability regarding any loss of email and/or data that may occur due to the usage of RansomSaver. By using RansomSaver you agree to the above statement.

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