Rail Cargo Management

What was the Problem.

Rail Logistics are complex with an intricate flow of information and goods between multiple stakeholders. In a Rail Cargo Management Company, a lot of people were trying to collaborate with each other using a single Excel file for each case and were communicating with each other using a chat program in order to coordinate their steps.
The task of controlling the cargo transportation all the way between the shipper and the intended destination was extremely difficult to manage and the results inefficient.

The solution.

We created a centralized SQL Server System that enables collaboration amongst the employees. Everyone involved is able to access the same case at the same time, share data and edit entries. The changes made by each user appear in real time, so all parties are up to date on what is going on. There is also a Chat feature which is available for each case. The Chat is saved as a record for later reference.

Form Exports/Imports.

Form Schedule

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