Synergy Backup for Exchange

Remove RDP Trails is a simple application that removes all trails when you are using Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to a remote computer.

You may need this tools for the following reasons:

  • You are using a Public computer in an Internet Cafe, Cafeteria, Library etc and you do not want to leave any hints to the location you were connected. For this purpose you can download and run the Standalone application “CleanNow” after you are finished working remotely. The standalone is included in the downloaded zip file.
  • You daily connect to a remote location and you dont want to let someone else know where you were connecting. In this instance you need to fully install the application. The app will run every 3 minutes in the background. You can stay connected to the remote location knowing that you are not leaving any trails.

Download Freeware


This application was created to solve issues for users that wanted to connect to a remote computer in order to store sensitive data and at the same time leave no trails behind…


Your Remote Desktop Connection will always be clear as shown below:


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