Shadow Report

What it does : This small Windows application collects information about the status of Shadow Copies and sends a detailed report via email to your mailbox. Task scheduler will run this application once a week and inform you if you have healthy Shadow Copies on the installed computer.

Who needs it : IT engineers providing technical support, security consultants wanting to know options of recovery in case of an incident, IT consulting companies providing support to multiple sites/clients wanting to know if Shadow Copy works fine on Servers, anyone who wants to add an extra layer of indirect protection against Ransomware.

Why create it : Shadow Copy has proven to be a powerfull tool against Ransomware. It’s our first line of defense before restoring from backup. This application helps keep track of Shadow Copies on any remote or local computer. ShadowReport will send you a weekly report informing you of the shadow copy health status so that you know you can rely on the shadow copy for the file recovery in case of a Ransomware attack.

What it does not do : It does not detect neither removes Ransomware. It’s just an easy way to know that a computer has it’s Shadow Copies working properly.

And yes it’s completely free.

Please note that Ransomware will try to delete Shadow Copies as long as it has access right to do so. That is why we suggest not to assign administrative access rights to users. Even if you are the only user of a laptop, it’s wiser to create a separate user with no admin rights for your daily tasks. In this way even if you get infected by a Ransomware, you can still login as administrator and recover encrypted files using Shadow Copy.

How to use it :

Fill in your mail server details (Passwords are locally saved using Microsoft’s 3DES methods). The application supports SSL connection, we suggest to use whenever possible. On the Subject Prefix add your client’s Name or the Name of the Server or the PC that you will get a Shadow Copy Report:

If you plan to use Google for sending emails, Please login to your Gmail and then click here to allow external programs to send via Gmail.

Click the “Send a Test Email” button to test your email server details. If everything worked properly click the “Email Report” button to have a test report sent to your email. If there were no errors you will see something like the below:

Ransom Saver

You can also get a report by clicking the “Paste Report to Clipboard” button.

How to automate email Report:

The setup should normally install a new schedule task that will run every Monday at 10:00:00 AM :


If the task was not created by setup then use the following command from an Elevated Command Prompt:
SCHTASKS /Create /RU SYSTEM  /SC WEEKLY  /TN  RansomSaverShadowReport  /TR “\”C:\Program Files (x86)\SYNERGY USA llc\RansomSaver ShadowReport\RansomSaverShadowReport.exe\” auto”   /ST 10:00:00

You can edit the task to run according to your own needs.

Feel free to ask for support via our Support Page

Regarding Data Collection. Every time you start RansomSaver ShadowReport we collect the version of the application. We use this information to know how efficient our software is. There is no other collection of data from your computer.

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