Shipping Crew Application

Shipping Crew Application


ship crew app 2a

Major features:

  • Management of crewmen’s personal details, employment and medical history, certificates of competency and financial transactions.
  • Crew list
  • Procedures for signing on and off.
  • Crewmen search function by rank, availability, history etc.
  • Warning screens about outstanding certificates, endorsements, service expiries etc.
  • Special function that tracks crewmen’s outstanding matters and reports them weekly via email according to ISM requirements.
  • Data entry form to track ticketing expenses per vessel, agent etc.
  • Data entry form to track attendance records regarding crew matters.
  • Reports for all procedures, including crew list, outstanding matters, crewman history, attendance history, ticketing expenses per vessel etc.
  • Evaluation table of Seaman Service. See how your crewmembers have been performing, who has been evaluating them and why they have been placed on the Best Crew Pool, or have been “blacklisted”.
  • Financial data records of Insurance Claims. Monitor which Claims are pending or have been approved, and the types of injuries/sicknesses.
  • Record all Crew Bonuses and the dates these were issued in order to monitor how your Crew is rewarded for its performance.
  • Records of correspondence between crew department and manning agents about requested Seamen. All message transaction history is been indexed
  • Documentation archiving per Seaman. All paperwork is been Stored into the seaman’s personal folder and can be accessed from his “Personal Details” form. Documents like Word, Acrobar Reader, Tiff images etc.
  • Contract Generation form. All contract data that is needed is preconfigured and the agreement document is generated by the push of a button.
  • Certificates of Service are issued automatically upon request.
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