Synergy Backup For Exchange

The problem:

Since Exchange 2003 we’ve been trying to find an open source or cheap solution to backup up our clients’ mailboxes. There was no such software available so we took advantage of the fact that all versions of Exchange Servers had a scripting language that could enable an administrator to take manual backups of a user’s mailbox. We thought that an automation of those scripts would make the whole process both easier and faster.

The solution:

We developed a Windows application that would gather all necessary information needed to backup all mailboxes on a daily/monthly/yearly basis. We also used the Windows Task Scheduler to execute the scripts on a time set by the user. The result was exactly what we needed. Every night scripts were running automatically, creating a separate .PST file per each user’s mailbox. Each month the .PST files were being copied to an offsite location, making duplicates of our client’s data.

Whenever Microsoft announced a new version we would update our applictation to cover the new scripts as well.

How it works:

All you have to do is run the application at the start of each year and type in all necessary information that the program needs. With a single click of a button you can create all scripts for the whole year or on a per month basis. Scheduled tasks are also created, one for each month that will run at the specific time that you have set. After doing the above all that’s left to do is to monitor the folders with the .PST files. After the backup has finished the PST files can also be copied to a secondary location for extra security.

Scripts automatically created by the application.

Finally let’s see the result of this procedure. The image below shows the backup folder that contains the .PST file of each user.

Synergy Backup for Exchange is a straight forward application that can easily handle your company’s email backup. You don’t have to worry about missing anything important in your mailbox ever again.

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