Synergy ReTweet: A free Twitter automation tool

Synergy ReTweet


Why create such an application ?
We use Twitter to post our blog posts and various news from around  the world. One tweet is never enough. Especially when you have so many different time zones on this planet. So we built an application to do the job for us. We are using it ourselves and we believe you will love it too !


Synergy ReTweet is a 100% free Windows application that connects with your Twitter account and posts tweets every a specific number of hours. You can schedule up to five tweets including images too. You can open the application multiple times creating a storm of posts! Connect with your account via an API key and access token, which you get from Twitter. Use your own resources as you like and break free from the cloud burden.


Who needs it ?
Everyone who has something to share with the world !


Is it really free ?
Yes completely free ! No tricks here...
We want you to learn about us and use our tools every day!


How do I know your application is not a malware ?
We had this application checked for you. See below for details:


(If you already use the application, please first export your settings, then install and import back to the new upgrade)


In order to use Synergy ReTweet you must first get an API key and access token from Twitter. Below is a step by step guide:

How to get API Key and Access Token codes


1. Log in to your Twitter account .

2. Go to

3. Click on the 'Create New App' button.


create button


4. Give it a unique name  (1)  then a description (2).

At the 'Website' field you can type your website URL or your Twitter account URL (3).

Check the agreement button and click 'Create your Twitter application' (4) (5).

In the screenshots below you can find an example:


create app


5. Next to this step you must create a token access. Follow the steps below:


create access token


The image below shows the 4 codes you need in order to connect Synergy ReTweet with your Twitter.


key token


How to connect Synergy ReTweet with your Twitter


To connect your Twitter account with Synergy ReTweet, first click the 'Settings' button  (screenshot below) .



Type  'Key', 'Secret', 'Access token' and 'Access Token Secret' fields (screenshot below) with the keys that you got from twitter and click 'OK'. You don't have to do this every time, Synergy ReTweet will encrypt and save the keys for you.


api keys



Now Synergy ReTweet is connected with your Twitter account and has permission to post tweets. Below you can find an example of how to schedule tweets with Synergy ReTweet.

Synergy ReTweet example

1. Type your message. (1)

2. You can insert an image to send with your tweet. (2)

3. Determine hours between each tweet. (3)

4. Click the 'Tweet' button. (4)



During the process, Synergy ReTweet informs you about the success of postings. (1)
Future posts schedules appear here. (2)
Status informs you about the current process. (3)
You can stop the process by clicking the 'Reset' button.



When the process is completed the status will show 'Finished. Click on the reset button and the application is ready for the next ReTweet.

You can minimize the application to the task bar, and let it run.
You can also start multiple instances of this application. Each one will run according to it's schedule.



Now let's check  on Twitter if your tweets have been posted!


example 6example 4

Everything seems alright!

A really easy way to schedule your tweets...




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