Synergy Vault – Search Examples

Search Examples
Searching For Documents

Search for a keyword: In this case we search for a name: maria


Search for a phrase for a specific time period: ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE & Date Between 1/4/19 and 1/5/19

Search for a word of a specific type of document: Search for HIV inside PDFs

Search for a name starting with: Marand* and search only in Excel files

Search what was created/modified yesterday by the whole office

Search which Word documents were created/modified by everyone in the office during last week

How to search photos using camera information (metadata). Search for pictures taken by a Canon camera during Jan/2019

Search for an author. We search for a specific author, for a Word document, within a specific time Period

Search inside a specific folder (and subdirectories) instead of searching everywhere: We search for “sl/gas/002-18” inside the folder “purchasing

Search inside a scanned image: Search for a passport number inside a scanned PDF

Searching For Emails

Search emails for a keyword: position

Find emails that their attachments contain scanned images and you want a specific keyword: search for SAM-3042CP

Search for a phrase: the phrase was found inside a Word Attachment of an email message ( RECTIFIED EXPANSION VALVES )

Search for a name of an attachment: img-523095916-0001

Search for a filename inside a zip file which is an attachment of an email: IMMI Acknowledgement of Application Received

Search inside a PowerPoint Presentation attachment: Search for : GloEn-Patrol Introduction

Search from the sender and/or the recipient or only the recipient.

Search for a keyword from a sender and/or a recipient within a specific time interval.

Search from an ID: We search for the ID – 417413

Find a document that contains a keyword inside a zip file: PDF is inside a Zip file which is an attachment of an email. We searched for the name: JAMES

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