Synergy Vault

Synergy Vault is a Desktop Search Tool for Windows PCs. It is fast and accurate allowing you to search for all types of files such as word, excel, pdf, html, jpeg, email, etc…
The application has a user friendly and powerful interface. Results can be filtered by using key words and specifying the file type, start date, end date, search file name, search contents, search everywhere and you can even select the number of results that you wish to appear.
You can open any search result from within the application just by double clicking on the selected file or you can quickly go through several files just by single clicking on the files in the search results and looking at the preview.
Requirements are minimal all you need is for windows search service to be installed, the program will run on windows 7, 8, 10 both 32bit and 64bit.
Security is one of our top goals so we are proud to say that all of your files are secure and will remain yours.
Synergy Vault does not collect any user data.


Main Features


Over 100 extensions are available for both preview and search
Full preview – preview your data in native format
You have the option to filter results with several criteria such as by file type word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, email, text, html and/or by start/end date
Limit the number of results
Grid layout with all the information you need. File Name, Size, Summary, Modified Date, Full Path and File Extenstion. You can sort the results ascending or descending by clicking on each field, e.g. Date Modified.
Locate personal information among thousands of documents and comply with GDPR or your internal policies, data audits and regulatory requirements.
Your documents stay safe in your office behind your firewall.
We do not collect or spy on your data.


Key Benefits


Synerrgy Vault is blazing fast

Synergy Vault instantly searches

User-Centric Interface

Your information is secure

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