For the past 25 years we have seen how difficult it is to keep track of time spent on a project basis.

Most users we deal with are lawyers and consultants, so you can understand how important it is for them to be able to record their time quickly, easily and accurately.

The system that was developed by most of our clients was “Give the Excel timesheet to the secretary”. The secretaries were then recording everyone else’s time from a draft Excel sheet by inputting the data into an application.

We tried to implement a time recording system at least two times in the past for our company but found that it was difficult and time consuming, the staff would forget, the data wasn’t being automatically filtered for results etc…

We decided that we needed a tool with the following characteristics: simple, quick, safe and easily accessible from everywhere and on all devices. So with that in mind we began thinking “What follows us everywhere”? The answer was Email!

We created an application called TimeLogger, it records time just by sending a simple email.

It can be accessed from all devices, laptops, desktops, on all mobile phones, via browser and on all operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux etc.


The application connects to your mail server and receives emails from a designated list of email addresses that you will provide. If someone sends an email to TimeLogger that is not in the list it will automatically be deleted.

It resides safely behind your firewall. No Internet exposure whatsoever.

It is filtered for SQL Injections and the database running it has minimum access rights, just enough to record the information.

Simple and fast:

Use any email client you like: Outlook, MacMail, Thunderbird, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

You can also interact with the application just by sending an email with the subject stating “help”, by doing so TimeLogger will send back a message giving you information on how to use it.

If something went wrong eg. the client does not exist, the system will return back with an explanation of what was entered wrong.

It can literally take less than a minute to fill in your time.

You can even add your time without having an internet connection, once you are back online your recording can be sent.


You can easily record a new entry in the TimeLogger Application, just by sending an email. All you have to do is enter the date in the “Subject” field, the Client, the name of the Project and the time you recorded for the client. In the Message section, give a brief description of the work that took place, then send it!

Using MacMail email client

Using Gmail email client

We also have an Android Application which you can use to record both time and work activities.

Entry Log Form.
In this form you can see the entries with their Description, Duration, Entry Date, Client and the Employee Name. You can also correct an entry if it has something wrong.

Project Form.
In this form you enter the Client and the Description of the Project.

Allowed Emails From.
In this form you enter the names and the emails of the people that are permitted to send an entry to the application.

Clients Form.
In this form you enter all the Clients you have.

CrossTab (Clients/People).
In this table you can see a CrossTab Report.

CrossTab (Clients-Project/People).
In this table you can see a CrossTab Report.

Pivot Chart.
Here you can see a Pivot Chart that contains all the entries.

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